Monday, December 18, 2017

The Interior Cat

A brief, somewhat - weather - related
public service announcement
from me and the cats:
All cats belong inside at all times, no matter what the weather, and no matter how much they beg to go out. The only exception — if you are with your cat, such as taking it out on the porch with you, similar to taking your dog out on a leash, but never unattended. Cats may seem independent, but they are no match for the dangers of the great outdoors, especially cars. Please protect their innocence and their lives, all nine of them!

Best Friends
"Everyone knows that a cat has nine lives. . .
'I am one who becomes two;
I am two who become four;
I am four who become eight;
I am one more after that.'"
~ from an ancient Egyptian religious text,
found at Deir el - Bahari, 22nd Dynasty

Pine, the Cat Who Just Loves Christmas
"The cat, household god and protective spirit of the family, soon gravitated to the very heart of the house, the hearth. Traditionally this was the entrance and exit for both good and bad spirits, for the sorceress as well as for Santa Claus [emphasis added!]. . . . A cat new to the house was immediately taken to the hearth to ensure that it would not run away. This introduction to the heart of the house was completed by an offering of food."
both excerpts above from
by De Laroche‎ Jean-Michel & Labat, 20 - 21
A Christmas present from dear friend
and fellow booklover Megan

Fuqua / aka "GoldenEye" on Laundry Day

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