Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Pining For Our Pine

Farewell Pine (ca 2005 - 6 September 2018)
How did she know to situate herself right in center of the rug?
She always did that. So intuitive!

One quiet afternoon last month, I took this sweet Tigress ~ The Queen of Cats ~ to the vet where she died peacefully. She was ready for the next world after a good long life and a short illness (liver failure).

In Chubbier Times

A few years ago, I made a couple of nests in the basement for Pine and younger, rambunctious Fuqua. Pine always picked the Florida Orange box, and Fuqua always took the other one, filled with toys. See how chubby Pine was in 2016? As she got thinner, Fuqua got plumper. He still looks like a little kid two years ago, but now, in 2018, he's a grown up cat. Here they are just a couple of months ago, still choosing the same boxes. (Hmmm . . . it almost looks as if I never sweep or vacuum down there! How could those boxes remain in practically the same spots for two years without moving?)
Two Friends Hanging Out in Their Basement Nests
Fuqua has never seemed to us like a very sentimental cat, but the first week that Pine was gone, he spent hours in the basement, sitting in her favorite box, just missing her, I guess. He seemed very sad and, in his mysterious, non - verbal, pantherlet way, must have been pining for his Pine after all.

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