Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Record Albums & Live Concerts

A few weeks ago, my friend Don & my brother's friend Jim
asked everyone a nostalgia question:
"What is the earliest album you bought
to which you still listen regularly

That was easy! My first album ever,
with my birthday money in May 1974 was
Simon & Garfunkel's Greatest Hits

I must have had $10 to spend that day,
because on that well - remembered shopping trip
I also bought a second album:
Carpenters: A Song For You

Don's next music enquiry:
"Name an album from the wayback to which you
rarely listen, but, whenever you do listen to it,
you think you should listen to it more

Once again, easy to answer, because Gerry and I had
named such an album only a few days before when a tune
from this album came up in the car on his random playlist:
Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Jonathan Livingston Seagull, however, was a gift rather than
a purchase. Both the book (Richard Bach) and the
album (words & music by Neil Diamond) came into my life
for Christmas 1973, presents from my sweet siblings
Bruce and Diane, along with Chicago's first album:
The Chicago Transit Authority
All of the others I have replaced with CDs over the years,
but this one I still have, mounted in a frame on the wall.


This also seems like a good spot to post my list of live concerts attended.

For some silly reason, the list (as the activity was conducted on facebook) was supposed to include one concert that you didn't go to -- I guess to confuse your friends about your musical tastes. However, I fully intended to attend the Bonnie Raitt concert but did a good deed instead (gave my ticket to someone else).

All in all, I haven't actually been much of a concert - goer over the years, so here is my rather brief list:

1975 ~ Gordon Lightfoot ~ Mississippi River Festival
~ Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville

1977 ~ Nitty Gritty Dirt Band & Dave Loggins
~ Northeast Missouri State University, Kirksville

1977 ~ Buck White & the Down Home Folks with Ricky Skaggs
~ Northeast Missouri State University, Kirksville

1981 ~ Bonnie Raitt (bought tickets but didn't go)

1983 ~ Rita Coolidge ~ New Orleans

1986 ~ Monkees Reunion Concert (minus Michael Nesmith)
~ University of Notre Dame, South Bend, IN
~ with opening acts by Herman’s Hermits, The Grass Roots, and Gary Puckett & the Union Gap. Except that their ranks were greatly reduced, so it was more like Herman's Hermit, The Grass Root, and Gary Puckett & Morgan Fairchild (dating at the time).

1987 ~ Chicago
~ University of Notre Dame, South Bend, IN

1999 ~ Tony Bennett ~ Wharton School, Philadelphia, PA

2008 ~ Emmylou Harris ~ Portland Zoo

2012 ~ Ben Harper ~ Edgefield, near Portland

2014 ~ Donny & Marie ~ Las Vegas

2017 ~ Judy Collins ~ Lafayette, IN

2017 ~ Lucinda Williams ~ Purdue University

2023 ~ Ben Folds ~ Paramount Theater,Charlottesville, VA

(updated Tuesday September 19, 2023)

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P.S. Not forgetting Pink Martini & Nicolette Larson!

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