Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Summer to Fall to Autumn

A Brilliant Fall Festoon

Two more poets who move seamlessly
from fall to autumn, autumn to fall:


Here I have come, oh, very close to God
In this high field, festooned with bittersweet.
Both summer and fall are done, and autumn now
Creeps up this hill on silent, frost - shod feet.

And I give thanks that in my heart today,
Time - harvested, the hours of peace and strife
Are linked as here are linked the earth and sky
By the enduring bittersweet of life.

Violet Alleyn Storey
in her book A Poet Prays

from The Call

Delay your leaving, Autumn;
If I must stay behind;
Seep in my heart and pillow it
Against the winter rind.
And may the season coming
Wipe out all trace of fall
Lest in a stranded acorn
I should hear you call.

Anna Maria Caldara

Autumn Along the Vltava River
Prague, Czech Republic

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