Wednesday, October 9, 2019


Uh Oh! Are Cathleen & Ben
on the verge of a snaccident

This term is a recent addition to my vocabulary,
introduced to me by Ben when he was recovering
from jetlag and sent me the following text:

"Oops, had a napcident and just slept for five hours."

Apparently, one can have not just accidents
but any number of -cidents!
E.g., Impulse Buy = Shopcident!

In the course of writing a lot and typing too quickly, I commit numerous typos, resulting in vocabcidents. For example, I accidentally typed "Sortry" when apologizing to my brother Aaron for clogging up his email with some duplicate messages (a dupliccident?).

In response to my apology, Aaron emailed back:
"Sortry" . . . Does that mean you're sorta sorry??? LOL!!!


Another time, instead of typing signification,
I accidentally omitted the "a," thus yielding significtion.

I was on the verge of correcting my voccabcident but had second thoughts. After all, signi - fiction sounds like an important genre of fiction that we need more of! My friend Len -- artist, poet, and professor -- responded that I should leave it as is, on the basis that "We always need more words!"

So Significtion it is!

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  1. wonderful blends. I just realized that we had lexical gaps before the occurrence of these portmanteau words. btw, I wonder if an 'opps' (in the text about napccident) was also vocabccidents