Tuesday, January 12, 2021

First New Moon of the New Year

"New Moons signify a rebirth,
and are generally a good time to set intentions."

~ Elizabeth Gulino ~
Thanks Evelet!

The Weight of the Sleeping Moon, 1929
by Benz and Chang

Thanks Christina!

~ Centuries of Ancient Starlight! ~

Thanks Debra!

One of my favorite pieces of advice,
and a good intention for 2021,
comes from the movie Home for the Holidays,
when Claudia / Holly Hunter says to herself:
Be smart, be smart, be smart.
Don’t be stupid, don’t be stupid, don’t be stupid

Thanks Diane for your clever post,
requesting some random advice and reminding me
that it's not too late to make a New Year's resolution!
I like the idea (see Gulino above) that the old year dies out not necessarily on December 31st, but with the old moon; and with the first new moon of January (12:02 a.m. on Wednesday the 13th) the new year is truly born.

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