Saturday, January 9, 2021

Sixteenth Day of Christmas

I'm not giving up yet!

Happy Everyday
by Benjamin Zephaniah (b 1958)

All days are created equal.
Everyday has the right to recognition
And no day should be subject to
Cruel or degrading treatment.
Everyday has the right to freedom of expression
And the right to participate
In the cultural life of the community.
Everyday has the right to belong to
The religion of its choice,
And should not suffere discrimination based on
Sunshine, rainfall, temprerature,
Or seasonal orientation.


by Jackie Kay (b 1961)

Remember, the time of year
when the future appears
like a blank sheet of paper
a clean calendar, a new chance.
On thick white snow

you vow fresh footprints
then watch them go
with the wind's hearty gust.
So fill your glass. Here's tae us. Promises
made to be broken, made to last.


from The Christmas Life
by Wendy Cope (b 1945)

. . . Bring red and green and gold, bring things that shine,
Bring candlesticks and music, food and wine.
Bring in your memories of Chritmas past.
Bring in your tears for all that you have lost. . . .

These three poems found in
Light Unlocked: Christmas Card Poems
Edited by Kevin Crossly-Holland and Lawrence Sail

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