Monday, January 24, 2022

Krazy Ikes

Someone else has already captured the essence of this nostalgic toy (read more); and there are lots of photos and purchase options on ebay; but really I just wanted to take the opportunity to say "Krazy Ikes." Even as a child, I think my favorite thing about our Krazy Ikes building set -- even more than creating crazy humans and animals -- was saying the name.

I've never forgotten about Krazy Ikes, though I can't say they cross my mind all that often. Recently, however, they entered the conversation when my older son Ben (b 1990) was tyring to recall "some plastic animal toys with removable heads, and legs of different lengths."

Through the miracle of google (key words are your friends!), we finally remembered these animal toys from Tupperware":


Another Old Favorite!
Cooties: FN & QK
And don't forget
the Board Games!

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