Sunday, January 9, 2022

The Need for Elegance

Interior, The Orange Blind
Francis Campbell Boileau Cadell (1883 – 1937)
" . . . perhaps the most elegant of the Colourists."

"Elegance tends to be confused with
superficiality, fashion, lack of depth.
This is a serious mistake:
human beings need to have elegance
in their actions and in their posture
because this word is synonymous with
good taste, amiability, equilibrium & harmony."

~ Paul Coelho ~

Interior with Opera Cloak
As an artist, Cadell was known for:
"Taking great pains over the decoration and
fashionable furnishing
of his home and studios . . ."

Elegance is achieved
when all that is superfluous
has been discarded and the human being
discovers simplicity and concentration:
the simpler and more sober the posture,
the more beautiful it will be.

~ Paul Coelho ~
from ~ Manuscript Found in Accra

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