Wednesday, January 12, 2022

May It Go Swimmingly

Calendar for 2022

Swimming Pools of a Lifetime

Big Spring Park ~ Neosho, Missouri

Astana, Kazakhstan

Swim Team!

Best Hour of the Day

Happy Hollow Pool ~ West Lafayette

Tropicanoe Cove ~ Water Walking

Kimberling City, Missouri

Bloomington, Indiana

Mandalay Bay ~ Las Vegas

Mills House Hotel ~ Charleston, SC

Hotel Valley Ho ~ Scottsdale, Arizona

NewTone Fitness ~ Lafayette, Indiana

Richard A. Wachs Aquatics Center

Another Favorite
Hilton Rosemont ~ Chicago O'Hare

And the big round pool in California ~ May 2018


Everyday Custom & Ceremony ~ 2012
Mona's Clothes ~ 2012
Moons of Wintertime and Beyond ~ 2013
Never Quite the Same ~ 2014
Homes That We Love ~ 2014
814 ~ Where It Was Almost Always Christmas ~ 2015
Time for a Moondance ~ 2015
Love Me, Love My Cats! ~ 2015
A Day in the Garden ~ 2016
Team McCartney ~ 2017
Full Moon Night ~ Full Moon Year ~ 2017
Wishing You Were Here ~ 2018
Time to Travel ~ 2019
Panama Bag ~ 2020
Swimming Pools ~ 2022

1 comment:

  1. A super - kind note from my good friend Megan:

    I love love love your Lifetime Pool Series, clever girl!!! I was truly amazed how you could catch each one of these busy locations at their most tranquil moment (lazy rivers exempted of course). From the classic Colonades of Neosho, Missouri, to the palm-lined corridor of the Hotel Valley Ho in Scottsdale, Arizona, you captured some stunning photos!

    I wonder if these life-sustaining watering holes would have captured your imagination half as much had you not embarked on your great swimming lesson adventure as an adult. The joy in the faces of the swim team clearly illustrates this point -- y'all are, thru & thru, water babes!

    Thank you for remembering me with this beautiful annual calendar & your loving and supportive words!