Saturday, March 13, 2021


How well I remember a year ago today, having dinner at Town & Gown on Friday the 13th. Everyone knew trouble was brewing, but little did we know how bad it was going to get and how long it was going to last. We assumed that our favorite restaurant would be open through the weekend and that we would be able to meet up the follwing week to celebrate St. Patrick's Day (on Tuesday, March 17, 2020).

But it was not to be. We woke up on Saturday morning to the announcement that the shut - downs had begun and our beloved Town & Gown would be closed for the next two months. When it reopened on Wednesday, May 13th, Gerry and I were there first thing for breakfast -- and the next morning for breakfast again, and the day after that for dinner! Thankfully, with all pre-cautions and protocols in place, everything has gone well since then.

One year later, I like to think of the Town & Gown OPEN sign as a metaphor for renewal, symbolizing a new season, heralding a new, confident era of post - virus socializing!

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Plus a surprise throwback:
this clipping saved from seven years ago
found neglected in kitchen drawer

It turns out that back in 2013, nearly two years before Matt and Regen brought Town & Gown to West Lafayette, I came across this list of notable places to visit in Bloomington, and have been saving it ever since.

The clipping comes from the Fall 2013 Campus Visitors Guide that I was perusing during my first ever visit to Indiana University - Bloomington. I've been back a few times since then, but never remembered to bring along the clipping. However, even without the aid of the Visitors Guide, I did manage a visit to the Runcible Spoon.

Why? Because in the meantime, Matt and Regen made their way to West Lafayette, quickly becoming our favorite restaurateurs! So, naturally, we were keen to check out their other trendy locale.

Matt, on the left, kicking back at The Spoon

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